Darrin J. Ward

About me:

In the early 2000's I founded something called the "Google Dance Tool" and "SEO Chat", before selling those properties to an investment company in 2003. If you haven't been in the Internet Marketing world for at least 10 years, then you probably have no idea what they are. Back in the day, SEO Chat was one of the most popular Websites for Internet Marketing news and discussion. It's still around today with hundreds of thousands of members, although they never did find a way to keep the quality up to par with my expectations. That definitely frustrates me when I think about it... but, as they say, "the past is in the past", "there's no future in the past"... and all that.

After selling those Websites I decided to disappear from public view, but I have done a lot of interesting things since. I started an electronics company, and sold it. I started a radio broadcasting company, and sold it. I started a cigar company, and sold it (sometimes having a scotch and a cigar can give you business ideas). There's a few others, but you get the idea.

I spend most of my days surfing the Internet looking for new opportunies. I enjoy finding things that are exciting to me and then "deep-diving" into them so I can learn everything. So, I guess I'm kind of a jack of all trades. Whenever I find a particilarly interesting topic, I usually challenge myself by trying to develop a profitable business around it.

If you are here because of the Lat Long Coordinates Plotting Tool, then I'd like you to know that I am no expert on mapping / geocordinates. I am fortunate enough that I can write code in a few different programming languages and I wrote this application to assist with a project (the geographical dispersion of telephone numbers by NPA-NXX). I'm happy to help however I can and I do have plans to someday update the most requested features, but please don't expect magic from me. I provide this as a free service because I recognized a gap in the market (which is why I developed it) - and I'm all about giving back to the community where I can - but I am no guru in the area of geo-plotting.

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