Darrin Ward

Darrin J. Ward


Although I deplore the pretentiousness of the word "entrepreneur", it is very apropos in the sense that my life essentially consists of exploring new industries and starting new businesses. Change is a constant.

I research and identify markets wherein I perceive there to be viable business opportunities. I then develop and execute on strategy with the objective of establishing a sustainable business, with consistent profitability and cash-flow positive status. Most often I am successful in achieving my objectives, yet I have failed many times and shall do so again.

When appropriate, I then seek suitable acquisitors and "exit", though usually remaining onboard as a consultant to the businesses moving forward.

I am fortunate in that my career path has provided me with extensive experience and a very deep understanding of technology, ranging from electronic circuit design (hardware) to writing code in several programming and scripting languages (software). Therefore, in most cases I roll up my sleeves to develop the prototypes for everything myself.

I enjoy intellectual and stimulative conversations with people from any industry or walk of life, so please feel welcome to reach out. There is a contact form at the bottom of this page.

Projects & Resources

Since "retiring" from forums and conference-speaking in the mid-2000's, I prefer to keep my projects "private".

However, here is a collection of projects which are already publicly attributable to me:

SEOChat.com & "Google Dance Tool"

Founder of both in the early 2000's. Large, active community (over 200,000 members) of marketers with core focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and search marketing. Company was acquired.

Royal Cigars

Founder. Experimental foray to appease my interest in cigars at the time (I haven't smoked in years). Company was acquired.


Founder. FM Radio Transmitters and Broadcasting equipment company from early 2000's. Company was acquired.

Chat Button

Founder. Legacy project from 2008-ish. Embeddable live-chat project using JavaScript/AJAX. This was the foundation of a much larger project (an existing popular chat system, which was acquired); This old version is provided for free and is no longer actively maintained.


Founder. Electronic circuits company from 2003. I studied electronics when younger and wanted to sell electronic products online. Company was acquired.

DOW Jones Industrial Average Historical Correlations

Personally developed tool to find the highest-correlated historical periods for the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index. I am an avid follower and student of the "market" and regularly trade in futures contracts, treasuries, forex, commodities, stocks, etc.

Latitude / Longitude Plotting Tool

Simple tool to plot lat/long coordinates on a map using Google Maps API. Developed to assist with another project. I couldn't find a good solution at the time so I decided to develop my own. Provided here to the public for free.

To contact me, please use the form below.