Posted: July 27 2009, 6:01pm in Fun Stuff

BBC has a cool article piece and video today on the potential future of barcodes, called Bokodes. Bokodes are basically very small but versatile version 2.0 barcodes that can hold lots more information than traditional barcodes.

What's very interesting however is the mention of integration with Google street-view, where the small bokodes posted on the storefronts could be read by the Google street-view camera as they go by. The bokodes could contain information such as menus, hours of operation, etc... This is pretty amazing stuff and it really is a glimpse into the future. This is really taking digitization to the next level and I wholly encourage you to check it out!

BBC Article: Barcode replacement shown off.

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September 23 2009, 3:25am

You might want to have a look at