Posted: June 25 2011, 2:07pm in Google

In recent years, Google have diversified their portfolio of products and services in many ways. Just think of all of the different labels that fall under the Google brand:

That's a LOT of stuff. And there's a lot of other stuff they have going on also. So it's no surprise to learn that Google is closing two of their services: Google Health and the DoubleClick Ad Planner Marketplace .

The question is... Are Google going through a strategic realignment of the business. They have strayed very far from their core competencies with all of these add-on products and services. Some are very noble and interesting, but many are complete failures in market-uptake terms. Focusing on too many things makes it very easy to become scatter-brained and very difficult to achieve success in any one area.

Now that Larry Page is the CEO after taking the helm from Eric Schmidt, it will be interesting to see if and how Google's direction changes. Of course, Google have phenomenal brain-trust. I can't want to see how they use it.

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