Posted: July 6 2009, 2:33pm in SEO

If you've been in the Internet Marketing industry for any length of time, then you will have heard of the "ODP" or "DMOZ", the Open Directory Project that resides at The ODP is a large general Web directory edited by volunteers. And for years it was considered almost the holy grail for inbound link developers. Some still consider it to be so.

A member at WebmasterWorld asks "Is DMOZ still relevant in 2009?". The responses are interesting.

As part of our SEO campaigns, we do perform directory submissions to a select number of top-tier general directories and a small number of niche directories (the number depends on the niche). The ODP is still in the top 3 of our most desirous general directory link acquisition targets. But it's certainly not a holy grail of any sort.

The ODP certainly has is problems. It's very slow to get anything listed in the ODP due to the lack of editors/volunteers as compared to the volume of submissions they receive. Internet users seem to be tending away from directory type Websites and converging on social/search type sites. And, ODP hasn't done anything even remotely innovative in years (in fact, I don't know if they've done anything innovative, ever.)

But the ODP still gets used in countless places across the Web. So a listing/link in the ODP inherently means links from many other places. The value of the ODP link itself probably carries more weight than all of the subsequent links combined, but it's still a positive.

Yep - for me submitting to the ODP is still relevant in 2009. Not as much as it used to be, certainly. But it's still relevant. I do however recommend that you read my insights on submitting to directories for SEO.

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makrhod wrote:
August 5 2009, 1:01pm

It's very slow to get anything listed in the ODP due to the lack of editors/volunteers as compared to the volume of submissions they receive.
I realise this is a common misconception, but in fact the pool of suggested sites is nothing more than one place that volunteers can look for possible additions.
So there is no way of knowing when or if a suggestion will be reviewed, because editors use many other resources when building categories.
I know that might be unwelcome information, but it has been explained many times, including in the public documents.
Best wishes
Volunteer ODP meta/kmeta
Darrin Ward wrote:
August 5 2009, 2:21pm

Thank you for your insights makrhod. We appreciate the work you do at the ODP.

No doubt the editors are overloaded with the sheer volume of submissions you guys must get.
Neo directory wrote:
August 27 2009, 6:55am

Good post Darrin and Makrhod ODP want only best that's why it takes lot of time .
Travis Lane wrote:
August 3 2011, 8:03am

We see quite a few miscategorized submissions. It can take a while for an editor to review a submitted site and if it is in the wrong place, it gets resubmitted to it's appropriate category. Once it arrives there, it awaits review from another editor.

My advice: 1. Take your time and find the most appropriate category for your site and clearly describe it without adding any hype. 2. Be patient: If it is a quality site that meets the guidelines, it should eventually be accepted.

ODP Editor
james wrote:
September 10 2011, 9:22am