45-day Road Trip: The Pacific/Northwest Quadrant of the US

I don’t really blog about travel, however, I do go through phases where I travel a LOT. In the past I’ve probably been up there with the very heaviest of road warriors, at least in terms of nights away from home, if not in terms of miles traveled.

Don’t believe me? What if I told you, that over a 10-month period during 2007 and 2008, I spent a total of only about 5 or 10 nights at “home” in my own bed; The remainder being in hotels and traveling for work!

I don’t travel nearly as much these days but I still do spend a lot of time away from “home”.

My most recent trip… Just finishing a 45-day road trip across the Northwestern parts of the United States. In winter. Interesting experience indeed.

I have a couple of investments that do business here in the Northwestern markets. I decided to rent a car and drive around the entire coverage area visiting competitors and assessing the landscape (in both economic and geographic terms).

Here’s what my trip looks like on a map:
Total Miles = Just under 5,000

Pacific Northwest Road Trip 2017-2018

And here are the main stops along the way (primarily hotel stops). In addition to these, I stopped off in many smaller towns and cities:

Oklahoma City, OK (pick up rental car)
Lawton, OK
Borger, TX
Pueblo, CO
Colorado Springs, CO
Denver, CO
Grand Junction, CO
Salt Lake City, UT
Boise, ID
Bend, OR
Portland, OR
Issaquah, WA
Seattle, WA
Spokane, WA
Missoula, MT
Butte, MT
Casper, WY
Boulder, CO
Golden, CO
Pueblo, CO
Pratt, KS
Wichita, KS
Oklahoma City, OK (return rental car)

My style of travel is such that I average only 2-3 hours on the road per day. Any more than this will lead me to become grouchy and my work productivity suffers. I also prefer to spend a minimum of 2 nights in each location, sometimes up to 4 or 5 nights, depending on the area.

In early 2017 I did another 1-month road trip across the Southwestern states, and in many ways this road trip was the perfect sequel because Oklahoma City was the “last stop” on the other trip, so I used that as the point from which to resume.

The most amazing thing about these trips is that I always come up with cool new ideas. This trip was no exception and a new interesting project has been conceived.

How about a few photos?

I’m not a photo person but here ya go!
(Photo orientations appear to be wrong in some thumbnails but correct in the full image versions )