Weird Apple iOS Bug – Strange Character Autocomplete for letter “I” (uppercase i)

Update: It appears that this is a known issue and is addressed by an update of iOS to version 11.1.1. Though, I do wonder about Apple’s pre-release testing processes.

For whatever reason, whenever I try to type uppercase I (as in “I am going crazy with this”), iOS on my iPhone 7 Plus wants to auto-correct that letter to some very strange character (presumably a malformed unicode character or something similar):

For example, if I go to write an new email and type “i”, I get this bizarre autocomplete suggestion:

If I press space to continue typing (without dismissing the autocomplete), then I see this monstrosity:

I have already gone into Settings > General > Reset and done the “Reset Keyboard Dictionary“, which has not resolved the issue.

iPhone Details:
Model: MNQH2LL
iOS Version: 11.1 (15B93)

Something tells me that it may be related to WhatsApp, since I first noticed the issue there, however I cannot be sure. Regardless, the issue now persists system-wide.

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  1. I had this same exact issue. It was driving me nuts. I have been very disappointed and frustrated with bugs like this, and the notifications screen that suddenly starts appearing to be blank after a period of time, and the numerous other glitchy behaviors I have encountered since I bought my iPhone 7 Plus.

    I went back to iPhone from Android mainly to have consistency with my kids’ phones and family integration. Sometimes I realize just how downhill Apple’s quality had gone as of late.

    1. Agreed. I too have noticed the slow but steady degradation of quality in Apple products.

      I was developing on Apple Macs exclusively from 2004 to about 2012, when I switched back to Windows. Honestly I much prefer Windows now.

      iTunes is another one that drives me nuts. On Windows it’s about a 300MB download and is a complete resource hog with lots of bugs and quirks. Don’t know why it’s so bloated.

  2. Man!!! I have the same issue as I type right now!!! “I️” I have yet to update to 11.1.1. But this just started getting funky for me today! I’ve been texting a bunch and just noticed this bug, right now & it is driving me crazy! There is definitely an acute degradation of Apple quality since Steve left us. As it was in the 2000’s when they fired him. Anyway, I’m going to run the update, just desired to pontificate my 2¢ents.

    1. Definitely upgrade to 11.1.1 when you have the chance; That has resolved the issue for me.

      Unfortunately you are right about the Steve Jobs situation. Apple still do better than most tech companies, but there is no doubt that Steve was a very special man when it came to adding polish to products.

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